Aims and Objectives

a) To encourage greater public interest in, and care for, the unique character and history of Fairford, and the immediate surrounding area.

b) To encourage the preservation, maintenance and improvement of historic buildings, structures, green spaces and other areas of public interest, in Fairford and the immediate surrounding area.

c) To monitor proposed new developments for Fairford and in liaison with the Fairford Town Council, Cotswold District Council and other relevant organisations, and initiate appropriate action concerning the need for new development, positioning, architecture, infrastructure etc.

d) To monitor new developments in Fairford, during their construction phase, to ensure compliance with the agreed plans and conditions concerning architecture, access, infrastructure, timing etc.

e) To work with Fairford Town Council, Cotswold District Council and other relevant organisations, to ensure the introduction and maintenance of the general infrastructure in Fairford and surrounding areas, including water supply, drainage/sewage systems, highways, footpaths (urban and rural) and other public amenities.

f) To support all activities which will maintain and increase the pleasure of living in Fairford for all existing and future residents, including the monitoring and action, regarding all environmental issues in Fairford and the surrounding areas.

g) To pursue these ends through meetings, presentations and other forms of publicity, including social media e.g. website, e-mails, Facebook etc.

h) To support the improvement and introduction of improved facilities and amenities which will encourage visitors to the town, including membership of Walkers are Welcome and other relevant organisations.