The Committee

President : -( vacant)

David Perry – Sadly David Perry died earlier this month. He had been a loyal member of the Fairford Preservation Trust and continued with Fairford Community Voice. He became President after the death of the FPT founder Dr Charlton Shaw. He will be greatly missed

The Committee members for 2018-2019 are:-

  • Malcolm Cutler (Chairman)
  • Gill Compton (Treasurer)
  • Alison Hobson (Secretary)
  • Sarah Basley (Fairford Planning Watch)
  • Margaret Bishop
  • Dr Stewart Benzie
  • Ian Westlake
  • Sue Hughes

The Committee meets five or 6 times a year to consider issues in the area that have come to our notice. A watching brief is kept on local planning applications (Fairford Planning Watch), footpaths, trees and local amenities in the area and also include our own or our members’ observations.