Recent Planning Applications

Planning application September -November 2018

i. There his one planning application that is of particular concern. FCV has put in an objection to CDC
Retention of a single-storey rear extension to Fayre Court (part retrospective) – Fayrecourt Milton Street Fairford Gloucestershire GL7 4BN
Ref. No: 18/04024/FUL | Received date: Thu 18 Oct 2018 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application – Original application no. 14/04583/FUL (Ct.9067)
This is a partially retrospective application as they’ve already started building (you can see this if you just walk across the Green to the Oxpens). It’s flat roof, extended the whole length of the building and faces over the Green. The developers are saying it’s ‘permitted development’. However it is not in keeping with the area. Proposed arguments are as follows:-
i Adjacent to the Special Landscape Area and overlooks probably one of, if not, the most sensitive site in the town + in the Conservation Area + Non-Designated Heritage Asset.
ii. It takes absolutely no account of the style of the original building with an inappropriate flat roof (contrary to the Cotswold Design Code) and now is no longer acceptable in terms of location and design.
iii. Permitted Development’ rights don’t apply to the ‘principle elevation’ of a building – the prominent position of this façade means that this is not really the ‘rear’ of the building (as the developers claim) but the ‘principle’ elevation.
iv. Proposed building goes beyond the development area and has entailed the removal of a Cotswold stone wall – certainly does not ‘enhance’ the setting + the house would no longer sit within its historic environs, set back from the development boundary and overlooking an agricultural paddock/field. NB The north eastern boundary has been extended and squared off to allow the proposed building works to extend at right angles to the existing building.
v. The proposed large extent of folding glass doors would seem to suggest that the importance of this façade is well understood as the view would be across a lovely and highly sensitive landscape towards the river, Grade 11 Fairford House and Grade 1 St Mary’s Church.
vi. If this were permitted it would set a dangerous precedent for all the other houses overlooking the Green – at the moment they sit behind Cotswold stone walls, separated from the public area of Upper Green.